• Sustainability Knowledge Hub:
    A quarterly event involving key speakers on the area of sustainability. Member companies will be given ten free invitations to attend this event.
  • Annual Asian Sustainability Forum:
    A yearly sustainability event to be held in Sri Lanka in 2012. Member companies will be given an opportunity to participate and present their best case practices at this event.
  • Communication on Progress (COP):
    Assistance for members in completing timely COPs and the provision of guidance and advice if needed. The network also offers comprehensive COP training for companies that wish to create awareness internally. (This training will be fee-based and available on request.)
  • Possible recognition for member companies:
    The potential to be mentioned in network communication forums, website or newsletters for select companies, Internalization and awareness.
  • Corporate Sustainability Advisory Services:
    Advisory services for companies seeking support and guidance on increasing long-term shareholder value to drive financial performance and enhance social and environment issues using the UN Global Compact corporate sustainability framework and Tools. (This service is available on request and will be feebased.)

How to Join UNGC ?

As the country network of UNGC participants in Sri Lanka, the GCN encourages a diverse group of businesses, civil society organizations and institutions to participate in the UNGC initiative. To do so the following steps have to be undertaken:

  • Prepare a Letter of Commitment from the Chief Executive Officer (and endorsed by the board) to the Secretary-General of the United Nations expressing support for the Global Compact and its principles. A scanned copy of the letter can be emailed to
  • Complete the Organization Information Form and submit the Joining Letter to the Secretary-General.
  • Set in motion changes in the organisation’s operations so that the Principles of the Global Compact become an integral part of its strategy, culture and day-to-day operations.
  • Publicly advocate the Global Compact and its principles via communications vehicles such as press releases, speeches, etc.
  • Is required to annually communicate on progress in implementing the ten UN Global Compact principles through a public corporate report (e.g., sustainability or annual report).

 Joining Global Compact Network, Sri Lanka

Companies/ Institutions/ NGOs/ in Sri Lanka who are committed to the UNGC Principles are encouraged to become members of the Global Compact Network, Sri Lanka. The Network charges a nominal membership fee. Please contact

Local partners/members

Active members – Sri Lanka